ABOUT YouFolders
What is YouFolders?

YouFolders is an advanced YouTube navigation interface for those who use YouTube more intensely than the general YouTube audiance. With YouFolders, users can categorize the channels they follow and generate composed and to-the-point dynamic video lists. YouFolders also provides standalone video bookmarking and discarding system as well as advanced video tools to improve video browsing, watching and processing experience.

YouFolders Team

YouFolders is brought to you by YouTube users who wanted better ways to perform their daily tasks on YouTube.

Our Mission

YouTube has an audience so wide that it requires a user interface as simple as possible. YouFolders aims to address the needs of more advanced YouTube users with a stable, fast and more complicated navigation, video management system and provide advanced video tools for video processing.

Our Vision

We have developed YouFolders with a set of specific features. Our goal is to cover as many needs of YouTube users as we can, communicating with the community and discussing different tools for video processing.

YouFolders will always grow along with the community, but within legal borders. We will never provide tools that would cause copyright issues or lead to use of information without the owner's concent.